Personalised to the last detail, colours and flavours

floral cake pops.jpg

Above are just a few examples of biscuit favours I have made for various occasions. They can be a beautiful decorative addition to your tables, continuing your theme as edible gifts for your guests, and can even have a dual purpose as place settings. 

A colourful mix of cupcakes and biscuits in a variety of designs can also create a real show stopper, on a tiered stand or arranged on a dessert table with other sweet treats. 

Or, why not try some cake pops? Giving your guests a taste of cake and a little fun at the same time. 

Every favour I make is freshly baked and handmade, just like my cakes. This allows me to personalise them to the last detail, from a simple rustic finish to decorative sugar work. I can create your favourite flavours and decorate, linking them to your main theme, cake, dress, flowers, venue or even your stationery.  

Delicious flavours available include vanilla, chocolate, lemon and gingerbread.

Designs available are limitless!